Q: Tire light on dash on 2007 Toyota RAV4

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I had work done(replace tire valve) and now the light stays on. Independent auto repair shop can not reset this.Toyota wants $200 to do this. Any other ideas.
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you have on all 4 wheels tire pressure sensors. When air pressure is low, the light comes on. Or the shop damaged or forgot to put the sensor back in.
Drive the car in the highway after you check that the tire psi is within spec, if this does not work the tire valve maybe faulty did you get it new?
Thanks for your response. I traded the RAV in September, with the light still on ! Yesterday the tire light came on in the brand new Highlander that I replaced it with. UGH! Probably because of the cold weather...I haven't had it checked out yet. No flat tire though. I hate these lights.
i had this problem as well. i took it to the dealer & he said that the spare tire probably needed to be aired up.. sounds nuts but the light turned off after that