Q: timing cover reseal estimate? on 2002 Toyota Camry

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i have recd estimate of $700+tax for resealing timing cover for my 2002 camry. is it that costly ops?
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Your engine could have a 4 or 6 cylinder engine, 6 cylinder is more expensive to reseal. You are probably being quoted for new timing belt,cam seals, crank cseal, tension and oil pump seal. On the 4 cylinder the oil pump is driven by the timing belt and I have seen the oil pump seal and oil pump shaft seal leak. I have also on higher mileage cars seen the oil pump shaft its self wear. I could see replacing all the parts getting up to $700 with labor.
Thanks for your response - its a 4 cylinder engine. I don;t think they are replacing anything as i enquired, its only cleaning the timing cover and resealing it, toping off the engine oil. the high quote is there as they say its labor intensive - i got it from 4.5 hrs to 7 hrs ranging from $700 pretax to $370 pretax for this so i am confused.
You must have had it done by now, I just got estimate for $570 5.5 hrs. Only 81000 miles- upset but will shop and get it done