Q: Timing Chain or Belt on 2005 Pontiac Sunfire

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Which does my car have?
What is an estimate on getting it replaced?
When should I get it replaced? Currently 85000 miles
I have seen suggestions on some sites that tensioners and other items related to the timing chain should be replaced as well. Is this accurate and what should I ask for if I want to do this right?
(3) Answers
2005 pontiac sunfire has a timing chain, we just replace the tensioner on ours it was making a knocking sound at 82000kms, chain guides are also known to break or wear tensioner cost was $640 canadian
The 2.2L 4 Cylinder engine on your vehicle has a Timing Chain. There is not scheduled maintenance interval to replace it unless there is something wrong with the chain and/or timing components.
when should timing chain be replaced. what is the cost. what causes timing chain to go. when engine light comes on does that signal something is wrong with timing chain.
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