Q: Timing chain broken, 2 cylinders showing only 50lbs compression, normal is 100lbs on 1994 Saturn SW2

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Timing chain is broken. Mechanic did compression test on engine. Two cylinders are only showing 50lbs compression instead of normal 100lbs. Mileage is 159,000 miles. What is estimated cost of repair in addition to timing chain kit installation?
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replace with an used engine is youour best bet, take it somewhere else this car is simple there is no need for a connpression test to check the chain other than to charge your for it,
If your timing chain broke because of wear, that means that the engine is probably just as worn. When timing chain breaks on almost any engine, you can be sure that valves are crashed (hit the top of the pistons) and the engine should just be replaced. Do not try to fix it.
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