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Q: Timing chain broke and all the valves are bent, do I need a new engine? on 2003 Pontiac Grand Am

My grand am was making a ticking noise when it was started in the morning and then stopped after a couple of minutes for a couple of days. One afternoon, after the car had been driven and was warmed up, I stopped for gas. When I restarted the car it made a loud clacking noise. I checked the oil and it was almost a quart low and I added oil. (I had just checked the oil the week prior and it was okay) I started the car, let it run a little while hoping the oil would help, but the noise did not go away. Mechanic is telling me the timing chain is broke and it bent all the valves and it needs a new engine. Does this sound right?
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How did you get the car to the mechanic? Would it run when he looked at it? How many miles on the car?
You said you started the car after adding oil, what happened from that time on?
After adding the oil I drove it around the block. It died once, but then started right back up. All the time making the same loud clacking noise. (It was not just a ticking and it was not a knocking sound either.) Since adding the oil didn't seem to help I was afraid to drive it anymore for fear of locking up the engine so I had it towed to the mechanic, which is about 17 miles away. We have had the car serviced with this mechanic before and have not had any problems with them. This car has over 140,000 miles, mostly highway. My husband actually thought it might be the timing chain, but didn't think it would be so bad as to need a new engine. Thank you for your thoughts!
Here is my problem with th whole thing, if the chain broke and damaged the engine it would not run!
Now you may have another problem that still may require eng. replacement but a broken timing chain and eng. still
running can't be right. If that is actually what he is telling you, i suggest getting another opnion.
I have worked on a"bunch"of these engines, NEVER had a chain problem! It is a darn good motor that will go 200k
plus no problem!! A broken chain is not the trouble! Unless it broke at his shop. And i don't think so!!!
Answer wetrys' question and this---------Do you trust the shop you brought it to? They have the edge on us because they see it first-hand.
Same set up as the old small block chevy. but with steel gears instead of the old fiber coated cam gear like they used to have. They just don't break. Hope we hear the outcome on this one.
Agree with ziptie, if you trust them, they are probably telling you the truth. Timing chains break and if you keep driving the engine gets pretty much chewed up.
Broken timing chain = no start...I would think that there is something that broke loose and or gotten loose in your engine.
I agree, like a loose torque converter, if auto. or some other weird deal. Hard to argue with someone who can actually see the car though.
But i do know this much: It aint a broken chain.
Could it be popcorn on the exhaust manifold??????.............Collapsed valve lifters do to oil foaming from over-fill?????? Rocker arms off there rockers???? ... Me off my rocker???? Habanero kool-aid anyone???
You know they did have a bit of rocker arm trouble and you know what a popping noise that makes.
Could lead some to think the valves are bent, you reckon? Who knows anyway.
I prefer Red Scorpin. Hotter than pepper spray! Rock on class of 80!
Who makes 'red scorpin' (or is it red scorpion?) , I'll have to look for that , it sounds 'interesting'!
I left out the o. O well, it is the new hottest chili pepper 2mil. scoville rating.
Think there is more to the name but i can't think of it. You tube shows a D.A.
eating one.
Hahaha You are all having too much fun with this :) I don't think the chain actually broke, but the links slipped enough to come off and bent the valves?? I have no idea what I am talking about here. But, because the car had so many miles on it the mechanic thought it would be better to replace it at this point with one that had low mileage since it was going to cost a lot to fix it anyway.
Sorry, we get carried away at times as most do not reply back to let us know what the story is.
Thank you for your reply. It makes a little better sense now. Just wish we could SEE some of these vechiles
and check them out ourselves. It is not just your question we joke around when ever we get a chance. But
In the process we may stunble across some info. that has some meaning.
Good luck with this.
Do you think if he added some red scorpion peppers to the engine it might've changed it's mind about crapping out on him?.................Y'all have a nice day..........never mind!
I appreciate the humor and the comments! It is always good to get other people's views. The scorpion peppers would have worked at least as well as the oil we poured in it :) Thank you all for your time and thoughts. Have a good week!
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