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Q: Timing Chain Broke?? on 1999 BMW 528i

Hi, I own a 1999 BMW 528i Sedan. About a month ago I was having some problems with my car. I would push on the gas but it would not accelerate and would seem as if the car was choking, like it wasn't getting any gas to the motor. Is there an exact explanation for this? When it came down to it my car had appeared to be low on oil. I still had 2,000 miles before my next oil change and I have never had a problem with my oil being low or disappearing before. I always frequently check my fluids and make sure that they are topped off, because the car is old. It was given to me as a gift from a family member to keep me from having a car with a car note. I had a mechanic to check and see if it was possible that I had an oil leak, and I did not. So where did the oil go? Is it possible that the last time I got my oil change that they didn't do something right? So ultimately it has come down to the mechanic saying that I am going to have to replace the motor because of the broken timing chain, but he found out this information by asking someone who works for a BMW dealer. He said that in most cases you have to replace the motor. What would be the exception? Can I not just replace the timing chain itself? Would it hurt to buy a timing chain and try it to see if the solution is fixed? Do I really have no choice but to replace the motor? Does milage have to do with the weight of oil you use (257,000+)? Also what other components might I need to help me in this process? Can anyone help? I am a college student going into my last year of school, so I really need my car, and money is also a slight issue. What would be the best way for me to go?
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If the engine had not previously "leaked or burned" oil it is possible not enough oil was put in the engine lat service but it is more likely at that mileage that if there isn't a leak then the engine is "burning" oil internally due to worn valve guides or seals or worn cylinder bores or worn piston rings. Look at the tailpipe to see if it is black and full of suit., remove he spark plugs to see if they are "clean" or have oily deposits. All this is really mute, the engine has serious internal damage. At that mileage it would probably be advisable to replace the engine if the rest of the car is inspected and found in good order.Just the timing chain replacement alone (if no other engine damage occurred) is 10 hours labor so it is a big job to do and at best then you would probably have an engine that still burns oil.
So ultimately what is a price range I should be aware of for a used engine with not as many miles on it? also what price range should I look at for a timing chain? And thank you for your advice. It is greatly appreciated.
Another thing, How would getting another engine affect my transmission? Would I need to replace it as well?
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a good lower mileage used engine installed will exceed the
value of this car. bear in mind that a 75,000 mile engine
must still have a new water pump, belts, thermostat, plugs
and etc, etc. when it is installed. labor alone is over 21 hours and figure $2500 minimum for the engine, plus all
the other stuff it will need. sorry, it's not worth it.
Ok another question, We have came down to the decision to junk the car or scrap it. What would be the best way to go about doing this? What is a price range I should have in mind?
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