Q: Timing Chain on 1992 Toyota Previa

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I have a 1992 Previa (which I bought new!) and am not sure if I should be concerned about the timing chain. I have regular oil changes but don't know if I should have it maintained somehow? It has 249,000 miles.
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Frequent oil changes will certainly add to the life of the chain. The valves are shim adjusted and need periodic check/adjustment. With the valve cover off the timing chain and guides can be inspected but they are not troublesome or a failure item.
We have (had) a 1996 Previa LE Supercharged AWD. The timing chain slipped and broke after 285,000 miles. We drove it gently from 166,000 miles using synthetic oil - I am a mechanic and performed my own repairs. We owned it from 2005 and only needed about $1000 in parts (inc. tires) during our ownership (purchased for $4,000).