Q: Timing belt slipped, put back in time but now does not run on all six cylinders on 1991 Mitsubishi 3000GT

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i am looking at buying this and fixing it up however im not sure A) what the actual problem is, B) how or if i can get this fixed and C) at what cost.

there is no smoke coming from the exhaust and it is still drivable tho it does run rough please help
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If the belt slipped it probably bent some intake and or exhaust valves. This is an interference engine. That means if the timing belt brake or slips you may cause engine damage (bent valves etc.).
This will be an expensive repair.
thank you, i have been doing some research and was thinking it could be bent valves. i really love these cars, i am not worried about the cost (so long as there will be a return on it once it is fixed) as i already have a car and this will just be a spare time thing. thanks for the help though i will no doubt be on this regularly if i win the auction.
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