Q: timing belt replacement due to age on 1994 Mitsubishi 3000GT

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I have a 1994 3000gt base model with 29,500 miles. Do I need to change the timing belt and water pump now or at 60,000 miles. Car is babied, not driven in winter. Only trouble was just replaced thermostat. Dealer wants 975.00 to replace belt/pump "due to age". Help.
(2) Answers
The Timing Belt is made out of a similar material to tires, which crack after about 5-6 years from the air, typically it is from the ozone. Now the air gets inside the timing belt cover on your car as well. I have done the belt on this car and it is really a bear.
So it is like the Clint Eastwood Dirty Harry movie, "Do you feel Lucky"? Because if that belt breaks it is bye-bye engine.
I change my timing belt at 90k. I actually had my tension pulley go through my timing case and snap my belt while I was on 3rd gear at about 70 mph, low and behold I got to get a new engine.