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Q: Timing belt replacement on 1998 Toyota Sienna

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Hi, I was wondering do Siennas have a warning light for the timing belt? I am looking at buying one, and the owners are not sure if it has been replaced. Or is there some other way I can tell? Thanks!
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On 1998 and later Toyota Sienna's Toyota called for timing belt replacement every 90,000 miles or 72 months. The good news is that if the timing belt brakes the engine does not experience serious internal engine damage but I would strongly suggest replacing the timing belt for peace of mind. There is no warning light!
I own a 2002 Toyota Sienna Symphony. In 2009, my engine light went off. I had it checked, and the timing belt was among other things I needed to repair.
Patrick -- thanks for your knowledgeable response. I have a 2002 Sienna that just hit 100K miles and I haven't replaced the timing belt yet. We have had no issues with the vehicle, and given the cost I may hold off knowing that a broken belt doesn't cause serious damage to the engine. Any thoguhts? Chuck
Replacing a timing belt costs a lot of $$$ for a Sienna...close to $1000 if the water pump is replaced at the same time as it should be. I asked the same question you are asking when I purchased my used 2004. I was told that there is a sticker placed inside the engine compartment when it is done. It comes as part of the kit. More than likely it was not done. The owner would remember if he spent that much money. You will see an awful lot of Siennas for sale just before the 90,000 mile mark because they know what needs to be included in the scheduled maintenance
hey dont panic you worry warts, I have a 2000 sienna with 275,000k and never changed the timing belt or plugs yet. Ive been towing a very heavy boat to the cottage every weekend in summer 700k for 10 years, It runs still perfect.
My 2000 Sienna has over 160k miles without replacing the timing belt. We were going to do it, but never had enough extra cash laying around to do it. It still runs great.
When i doubt, just change it anyways. It's not worth the risk. $1k may sound like alot of $$$, but if you plan on keeping your car for a little longer, it's worth the piece of mind! I've owned over 15 cars, from minivans to sport compacts, I've never had to pay more than $500 for a Timing Belt/Water pump repair. If your set on Genuine parts, just order the parts online and have a dependable shop do the labor...that will save u tons of $$$!
what is the website to order genuine parts for a Toyota Sienna van? Also, when the timing belt and water pump is replaced, is there anything else that should be replaced during this process?
I just replaced the timng belt on my 2004 sienna just yesterday at a cot of $578.91 in Central Ohio. The $578.91 included the water pump. With 172,730 miles, it is the second water pump and timing belt. My first mistake, I believe, was that although I replaced the first one at will at 90,000 miles, I replaced it with parts other than Toyota parts. This time it was genuine Toyota parts.
where did you get your timing belt replaced in Central Ohio?....would appreciate a referral....

I just replaced my own and it was not extremely difficult. Biggest issue is that the aluminum mounts don't react well with the steel bolts holding the mount on and it is common for the bolts to seize up in the mount. Only $10.00 each for the bolt but $136.00 for the mount piece. Another $50.00 if you break the lower half of the mount too since it is in two pieces or cannot get the bolt loose. The belt was only $27.00 so if you are willing to do the work it is relatively inexpensive even if you have issues with the mount. A dealer quoted $570.00 just for the belt, with any extra parts adding up quickly. It really needs to be done in order to keep from damaging the vehicle if the belt breaks as it will do damage even if not noticed right away. Use never seize when reassembling and the second time s/b just the belt cost and your labor. I would not change the water pump every time since the belt pressure is adjusted by the tensioner and every 200,000 miles will likely take care of any concerns with the pump. Replace the other belts at the same time since they have to be removed anyway. A good book on the vehicle gives all the data you need to do the job, I am in central Ohio also and have yet to find a good shop I can rely on. Dealers are the worst having broken more on my cars then they have fixed, I do all my own work and save a lot while getting better results than any dealer has ever given me.
I have a 1998 (13 yrs old) Sienna purchased new that now has 130k and I have not replaced the timing belt. The supplement manual (pg 31)says replacement every 90k if "operated under extensive idling or low speed driving for long distances as in heavy commercial use such as delivery, taxi, or patrol car", which is not my driving. I will replace only if the water pump goes first. If it was an interference design I would probably play it safe and replace it. The overall condition is so good I can see this Toyota lasting an additional 10 years.
hi i own a sienna van 1998 my van have 145.0000 mile on it can you so how to change the timingbelt please
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