Q: timing belt install on 1999 Honda CR-V

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I am replacing my timing belt. The problem I am having is the teeth on the belt will not match up with the exhaust cam pulley when the crankshaft pulley is lined up with the white timing mark. My two choices place the crankshaft pulley between the white and red marks at 1/8 inch from the red marks. The other choice is 1/2 in advanced of the white mark. What should I do?
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Does the old belt line up properly? Are you using a factory belt? It is very important to use the EXACT belt. Some of the after market belts are a little too short or too long and even with the cam and crank pulleys properly lined up, the after market belt won't allow the precise alignment of these shafts. I have torn my hair out with imprecise timing belts too many times.
I put the old timing belt back on with no problem aligning it. It is still in good shape. I counted 125 teeth on both belts but the lengths were slightly off. Thanks for the help. I bought it on ebay from a company called Domestic Gaskets. Hope they take returns.
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