Q: timing belt cost of replacement. on 1992 Lexus SC400

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must this be done at a Lexus dealer? Does the water pump need replacement as well? Anything else need work during this procedure?Which engine do I have. Will it be destroyed if belt breaks? Thanks.
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parts are pricy, installing the timing belt is tricky for an average technician...worth the thousand in parts and labor you pay a shop
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an independant shop can do that repair no problem.very labor intensive tho so look to spend about $1000.00 give or take a few for your area.thats an auto md price which is $200 cheaper then a dealer would charge but you will get the same quality parts in the process.that price includes the water pump as well cause if its 20 years old,let them change book lists the 4.0 lexus v8 engine as a non interference engine so no damage will be done to the engine if the timing belt breaks.good luck.