Q: timing belt component kit on 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe

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I got an estimate for a timing belt replacement...the cost for a timing belt component kit is $443. Does this sound right? On another estimate, it says just the timing belt is $123. What's the difference?
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One shop is estimating to simply replace the timing belt and a valve cover gasket, probably, and the other is estimating for the valve cover gasket, t-belt, the belt tensioner, and probably some oil seals (all in the kit). Just replacing the t-belt is probably not the best way to go. I know that I'd try to sell the 'kit' since the work has to be guaranteed and I want the job to be complete and keep my good reputation.
Doing the t-belt job well is critical, you have an 'interference engine, which means if the belt skips or breaks, it probbably will damage your engine badly. No joke, be sure you trust the shop to do the job tight.
It's possible the low-price shop is trying to snag you with the low price. But thay may not be your friend..
You have to decide that for yourself.
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