Q: Timing belt change schedule and maintenance on 2005 Dodge Neon

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I am considering buying a Dodge Neon 2005, 88k miles from a small dealer. Should I expect that he would have done all the scheduled maintenance or is it the responsibility of the customer to get the scheduled maintenance?
I got firestone to check the car before buying it and they have suggested that the maintenance be done at 90k and timing belt be changed during that. Should I trust their quote/recommendation since they suggested that I can get it done at their shop. when are the maintenance and the timing belt changes due for a Dodge Neon in general?
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If you don't see service records you must often assume all the service is not up to date. If this dealer sold the car ask them do they have and will the print the service records for the car. Perhaps ask for a Carfax report on the car to see how many owners the car had and where the car originated from but a Carfax report does not show if the car has been in an accident that was not filled through insurance and does not show service history.
2.0L engine t/belt interval 105000 miles, to replace the Timing belt only is about a 3 hour job.
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