Timing belt on 2006 Honda Odyssey

when does the timing belt need to be changed? How many miles? About what it the average price of the timing belt and labor? Also why does honda use rubber belts instead of chain belts for timing belts? thank you

by in California City, CA on August 05, 2009
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ANSWER by on August 05, 2009
Honda recommends replacing the timing belt during the 105,000 mile service or at 7 years. I believe most manufacturers use rubber timing belts because the engines are less expensive to manufacture. I think it's a good idea to buy a vehicle without a timing belt, just to avoid that large repair bill in the future.
COMMENT by on July 29, 2015
I have to agree that being a professional mechanic takes a lot of skill, time and investment. It is shame that so many take mechanical work as "something anyone can learn," But this is because of the teaching of the social order which places word people above production people, which is upside down. The hand people are the brain people.
ANSWER by on July 30, 2010
how do I know if the timing belt has been changed on my honda odessy 2006 or not
COMMENT by on August 10, 2010
I just had the timing belt replaced on my odyssey 2003 and according to the mechanic you cannot see it so you cannot tell if it needs replacement. So I imagine you wouldn't be able to say if the timing belt of your 06 odyssey has been replaced. In case you want to know I paid $1500 for the replacement so I couldn't agree more that it makes sense to buy a car that uses a chain not a belt.
COMMENT by on August 19, 2010
wow, 1500 is crazy to replace a timing belt. i wouldve checked around because in 90 percent of cases, it should cost no more than 500 bucks to replace. Make a friend with a mechanic. Should only charge 100 bucks, its only so much because they go by the book. If the book says it takes 4 hours of labor, they take their labor rate and multiply it by 4. E.G. $90/hr X 4 hrs = $360
COMMENT by on November 20, 2010
Pull you head out, pal. You obviously don't work on cars and have NO idea what is involved in replacing a timing belt on a lot of modern day cars. ESPECIALLY 6-cyl vehicles. I just LOVE the "make a friend with a mechanic" statement-like your friendship is somehow worth a reduction in their price. Unless your "friends" are hacks, they are professionals, and deserve to be paid as such. Try pulling that shit with your doctor or roofer, etc.
COMMENT by on November 20, 2010
Couldn't agree more with that last comment. The inability for people to understand the complexities of auto repair is a shame. Are their some jobs that anyone with some tools and mechanical ability can perform, yes. But there's a prevailing attitude that a computer can diagnose a problem, all parts are easy to replace and "mechanics" are always trying to rip you off. This is too bad, because to become a great technician takes tens of thousands of $$ in tools, at least 10 years of experience, many hundreds of hours of technical training and ongoing education to keep up. This is not only comparable to some of the professions mentioned but should be treated as such.
COMMENT by on December 09, 2010
I paid $600 flat including "replace timing belt, replace water pump, replace balancer belt, replace power steering belt, replace compressor belt, flush cooling system, and re-calibrate vehicle idle". This was at my Indy. My original dealer charges $739.95 for same. 8/10/10 14:12 got ripped by an unscrupulous gouger mechanic. I think you could also find the same service for $500.
ANSWER by on August 19, 2010
I would say $1500 is pretty high, even with tensioners and water pump, which everyone says your foolish not to replace while you've got everything apart. I'm mad I didn't change a $20 Thermostat. It cost me close to $500 to pull it all apart 10k after the timing belt and water pump. G-R-E-A-T Site for knowing what you should be paying. http://repairpal.com/estimator kinda let's you know if the dealer/shop is trying to rip you off.
ANSWER by on September 19, 2010
Recommended timing belt replacement intervals vary with manufacturer. With Ford, I've seen 60k recommended. On Toyota, 90k, and that was for severe service. If the interval is 60k, it is unnecessary to replace the water pump and tensioner, but the front seals should be replaced. If the interval is 90k, go the full nine yards. It is also a good idea to replace all of the accessory drive belts at the same time (alternator, A/C, air pump, P/S), no matter what the timing belt interval, since they have to be removed anyway in the process. The exception is if the accessory drive belts have already been recently replaced, within the past two or three years. Honda isn't the only manufacturer who uses the "rubber belts" (they are actually a rubber / fabric composite). The short answer to the last question is the timing belt is much less expensive than a timing chain, so this helps reduce the sticker price of the vehicle when sold as new. Even timing chains don't last forever.
COMMENT by on September 30, 2010
Maybe not forever, but my '71 GMC Sprint has been running the same chain for at least 20 years... don't know before that, I bought it used. I'd say that is worth a little extra on the sticker price...
COMMENT by on December 16, 2010
$1500?? Wow! Are you sure it was only the timing belt? I'm sure there was a catalytic converter or something else also. I replace my timing belt, water pump, 3 accessory belts and all the seals for $625 with tax at a dealer. They charged me almost $900 at first...but I negotiated with them. Yes...if you talk to the right person...you can negotiate. I would agree with the other guy...be sure to make friends with a mechanic who would take care of you instead of whoever you took it to. I
COMMENT by on January 04, 2011
I just did my '06 Honda Pilot timing belt - surprisingly it was harder (I thought so) than my '04 Odyssey that I did a few months back. Some of the naysayers here ought to pick up a wrench themselves sometime and try it. I found it to really be a LOT of work. I replaced pulleys, belts, water pump, oil seals, thermostat, belt tensioner and coolant. I also took my time and did it right. I'd say that if that is what you had done (and with genuine Honda parts) then IMO $1500 is really a fair price for the job and not at all a rip-off. This is not a trivial repair as they go. Folks should realize that the effort involved in "doing the timing belt" varies a lot by make and model. The price (like the price of everything else) also varies by region - I'm in the Bay Area and everything here is expensive and your mechanic has to pay those higher prices too. I'm guessing that if you were in sub-Saharan Africa you could probably get some smart guy there to do a bang up job for under $20 (if you supplied all the tools and parts which they probably could never afford). But don't hate your local mechanic for asking to be paid a reasonable wage for his highly skilled and often very difficult work.
COMMENT by on January 11, 2011
Always look at the repair bill for what items were replaced in a job like this. Was what changed? If just the timing belt you paid more than you should have. If timing belt, water pump, serpentine belt, tensioner idler pulley, coolant flush, thermostat were replaced, and then for good measure; an oil and filter change and lube, then its about right. Did they at least wash the car?
ANSWER by on January 30, 2011
When car is over 100,000 milesIT IS TIME TO CHANGE TIMING BELT-should buy parts by yourself with dealers' coupons and BRING CAR TO DEPENDABLE SHOP OR ASIAN SHOPS YOU WILL GET BEST PRICES!! I bought timing belt parts for my Accord 2002 SE by myself and paid Asian shop for labor -ONLY$365.00 dollars and everything done.It cost me Parts +labor around 1,100.00 totally!!
ANSWER by on May 06, 2011
I went to the Honda dealership and need to get my timing belt changed because there are a couple other parts attached to it that need to be replaced as well. $750 for parts and labor
ANSWER by on June 09, 2011
Wow $1500??? I just went to the honda dealership and the told me $795 for the Timing Belt and the water pump. I just called my mechanic, he told $596 out the door for the belt and the pump. The person paid $1500, either didn't shop around or the mechanic must have replaced other parts as well. just my 2 cents!!!
COMMENT by on July 06, 2014
Here we are 3 years later and still the dealer suggests $795. Anyone on this site suggesting $1,500 is reasonable is probably an untrustworthy mechanic (and I mean the ones that give mechanics a bad rap) trying to convince people there services are worth more than they are.
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