Q: timing 1990 subaru legacy 2.2 on 1992 Subaru Legacy

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car ran fine after belt adjustment. crankshaft pulley was not tightened down good enough came off , killed my key car still ran. parts came in, timing belt replaced wont start now. no codes come up. do my cams have to be in a revolution?
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Sometimes people just don't have an answer, there are so many people that needs help, some fall through the cracks. Thanks for taking the time to post the resolution to this problem!
Okay thanx for the reply not. but for future reference to people with similar problems the solution was that my crankshaft sprocket was apparently damaged when i took it off to replace my key and crankshaft pulley. MIssing a knotch must have broke of because the screw driver i used to pull it off with. those knotches are used by the crankshaft position sensor . engine fired right up and runs awesome lol it sat for 7 years.