Q: tie rods on 1995 Pontiac Bonneville

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how do i get the boots off the tie rod if i dont have the right tool, if i can get it off buy cutting it off , can i use hose clamps to put the boots back on?
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No don't try to cut off the boots and try to secure them with hose clamps. Many work shop manuals show separating the tie rod ends from the steering knuckle using a tool called a pickle fork which destroys the tie rod end boot. The tie rod end is a "taper" joint. It seats into the steering knuckle, technicians separate the tie rod end to knuckle seating with a hammer blow to the steering knuckle (absolutely not the tie rod end or the nut area of the tie rod end). You must know exactly where to strick the steering knuckle or you will do damage.
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