Q: Ticking sound from the right side of the engine at start up.. on 2009 Dodge Durango

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Ticking sound (sounds like baseball card on a bike spokes) from the right side of the engine at start up. It increases with acceleration and diminishes after engine is warm. The sound can be heard when car is idle,but low. The car mileage is around 16K miles only and I have been doing the regular service at the dealer's workshop. I hope it is not serious.
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Hi Zeltal
My first guess was a nail in a tire, but you said the noise goes away when the engine warms up. At 16,000 miles what I am going to say next should not be an issue however, better safe than sorry, check your motor oil level.
It sounds like the lifters are not getting enough oil until the engine is warmed up and the oil gets thin enough for proper lubrication.
My shop is not far from you. You are always welcome to pass by so we can take a listen, no charge.
Mechanically yours,