Q: thumping noise in front end when turning left on 2002 Dodge Ram 1500

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I have a thumping noise I think in my left front wheel. (truck is 4x4) Pulses like a rock in your tire would but no rock and noise is internal. Only when going left. Bearing and ball joints are tight. I'm thinking cv joint prob. Anyone have similar issue or input?
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Yes, an Axle that is beginning to fail could do this. If you could put your truck on a lift and turn left with the wheel going, you should be able to see the axle vibrating.
Also the if the spider gears in the front diff had chipped teeth, I have seen that do it as well.
Thanks for the input. Can it be replaced as a complete unit, & is it a pain to replace. I do most of my repairs myself as long as i don't need a lift (have a good floor jack an stands) an tools but no air?