Q: Thrust Rod Bushings & clicking when braking? on 2000 Honda Civic

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We've got just over 90,000 mi. on our Civic--it is making a knocking/clicking sound from front/passenger side of car when braking but not when going over bumps. Mechanic says brakes are fine--might be suspension struts or bushings, but he says this is hard to diagnose and could result in replacing several things before he finds the "responsible" part. Can someone give me more info about signs I should be looking for to help narrow the search?
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find another mehanic that can diagnose your problem. it is not hard to find something that is worn enough to produce noise.

Thanks, Roy, for that info...the mechanic I went to was someone new to me, and it seems like his focus is "simple" maintenance, not repair work. I'll take the car back to the folks I was using--their estimates are high, but they never, never, never give up. I should have known not to trade quality for cost.
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