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Q: Throttle quits responding while driving?!?! on 2001 Dodge Ram 2500

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Diesel specialist needed.

Hello guys,
I'm new to the site.
Been searching on here forever for an answer to my trucks lttle problem,....but I did not succeed to find one.
Sooo i signed up,...and here is my question.

Let me introduce my truck first, that you all know a bit more then just the bare basic it being a diesel.

My truck is a 2002 Dodge Ram 2500 quad cab SLT 2x4 Laramie '94 to '01 model with 115K on it.
With a Cummins 5.9L 24Valve 6 cylinder Diesel Engine

Replaced/serviced parts:
-Airconditioning freon powerups every year.
-Calipers, rotors and brakes replaced all around at 100K.
-Oil changes: every 5K with LUCAS oil additives all around.
-LUCAS additive oils in : Engine, Transmission, Fuel tank, and all grease fittings
-Batteries: two Optima red tops since 2008
-Fueling up eveytime there is only a quart tank left,...I NEVER let the fuel gauge get too or near the RED line!
-K&N lifetime airfilter added at 108K part#33-2056 Price: $82.99

Engine start: no problem
Engine idle: no problem
Engine idle with A/C: no problem
Engine reving cold: no problem
Engine reving warm: no problem

Pull power degreased a little bit after adding 20" wheels with Toyo 33x12.50R20 LT Open Country tires without any transmission changes.
Transmission is a standard automatic.
My guess is that I should of done something to the transmission to have the same pull power,....or maybe there is something else going on,...i really dont know?!?!?

Driving - cold: throttle respons is bad, then a few seconds later its OK,.... then no matter what speed I'm driving the throttle is all of a sudden not responding any more.
It feels like my throttle is freezing up,....NOT litterally ofcourse,.....the foot-pedal pumping action works throughout this "freezeup" session.
Then it takes about 30 seconds to a minute too respond (while slowing you down 10-20miles per hour) and then finally speedup again.

What does that throttle behavior mean?
-Fuel filter needs replacing?
-Bad fuel pump?
-Injectors gone bad?

Please HELP.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
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You need to replace the throttle position sensor (apps) and I've replaced it 3 times on my 1998 Ram Diesel (260,000 miles) and you can get one here for half of what dodge wants Got mine in a few days and had my diesel mechanic install and runs great actually runs better than the dodge sensor.
Hemicuda; first of all, apollogies for my LATE reply,.....I havent been able to get online the past few days.

Thank YOU so much,...for your clear and logic reply.

Do you happen to know any else who has a good experience with Timbo APPS sensors?
I mean,......I never heard of them.
Or maybe it's a good idea to post THAT question on a dodge diesel forum.
I mean,...the TIMBO APPS sensor $160.00 deal looks almost too good to be true, especially after I called my local dealer today which quoted $750.00 (tax included) for the same sensor,.........WITHOUT installation! HOLY CRAP!
WITH installation the dealer quoted me today $1250.00!!! Are they OUT of their MIND or what!

[EDIT] replaced yours 3 times on just 260K.
3 times with Timbo or Dodge APPS sensors?

I mean, original OEM APPS lasted 115K,....the high milage says alot about the OEM sensor quality! [/EDIT]

Go to any Dodge diesel forum and they will have something to say about Timbo all positive! I researched him before I ordered mine as I couldn't get myself to buy another one from dodge (3 already) P and K automotive in San Francisco installed it for me about a year ago now and runs like a champ, The Apps comes with instructions from Timbo
I'll put the question in "" under 2nd generation and see what comes out.

Thanks alot for helping out!

Thanks Hemicuda.

Great LINKS.
Timbo's APPS looks indeed very promising, with all those positive forum replies everywhere.

Thanks again Hemicuda!


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