Q: Throttle body and airflow sensor on 2000 Volkswagen Cabrio

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My engine light comes on and off every few months. I was told by the dealer, car needs throttle body and air sensor. Air Sensor costs $18, replacement labor $40. And for Throttle body, part costs $700 and replacement labor $200. Does it really need throttle body at 66,000 miles ?
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My car did. The TPS went and my car would just keep stalling and wouldn't start. I would find a good mechanic that specializes in Volkswagens and have them rebuild a new one. Only cost me like $200.
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I have see the coolant temperature sensor fail intermittently it is inexpensive and labor cost to replace is cheap. Unfortunately the airflow meter does fail frequently the price initially used to be quite and has come down in price over the last couple of years partially due to the number of failures creating demand.
Perhaps see if there is any independent VW repair shops in your area that have a good reputation.