Q: This is embarissing, but I can't FIND the spark plugs on my 2002 Bravada!! on 2002 Oldsmobile Bravada

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I saw a note you had to loosen moter, is this true?
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There is alot of stuff in the way of accessing the spark plus. You can do them without loosening a motor mount. You just need a variety of wobble extensions and a good spark plug socket.

If you really can't find the spark plugs, simply follow the wires down from the distributor and then disconnect the wire. The wire plugs into the top of the spark plug. The middle on on the drivers side is usually difficult because the steering shaft is in the way.
Thank you for your response! I found them under the air box & the nightmare stories were not true, not for me anyway. 5 & 6 are under the firewall, but I had no problem getting them out with just a regular ratchet & a long & short extension. Mine is an 2002, so maybe some other models are tough, but not this one!! I changed them all in about 25 or 30 minutes. Not bad for a GIRL uh?!!!!
Thank you! Unfortunatley, I think it is a coil pack. Gotta pull all that stuff out again! At least I'm not dreading it like I was the plugs.
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