Q: Third Tale Light on Trunk Lid - Lens Cracks (2nd time replaced) on 2003 BMW Z4

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I have replaced the high mounted thirs tail light that is mounted on my truck for the 2nd time. The dealer says that it is a design problem due to the tight fit in the trunk recess and the spring tension that holds the lens into the truck recess. Is there anything that can be done to correct this problem?
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I have not yet heard of this, return to dealer and request they check for campaigns or "measures". If not, by adding an extra nut or two onto the bolt, before adding the springs and top bolt, should reduce the spring tension.

If there are also and alignment protrusions in the centre such as that of an E88 or E82, the protrusion is to be grinded off flat/level, once you have tightened the bolts, the adhesive around the edge should seal as several heat cycles.

As alignment is second to reliability
Thanks for the advice. I'll mention this to the dealer.
PS - I'm sure you figured out that I meant "car" instead of "truck". Thanks.
I had this happen. I caught the corner of the light with a polishing cloth and it cracked. Unbolt light from inside of boot with socket set & superguled the lens together. Bolted the light back in taking care not to over torque the bolts/ spring tensioners. You would never know I'd fixed it over 4 years ago.