Q: think of buying a 102 miles. runs great- no add maintaince done.should do"s? on 2005 Subaru Legacy

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a timing chain? water pump? trans fluid/filter? . pit falls of car and how costly are these type of repairs repairs
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Timing chain for sure..
Have the trans. checked out prior to purchase.
I'd consider doing the 90K mile tune up done if it hasn't been done....I had my 60K done 4 years and 10K miles late with no problems. Just had the bucks to do it.
I have an 89 Subie that I's only got 75K miles on it and the timing chain was changed out at 70K because I wanted to keep driving it forever...These cars will go anywhere for a long time.
thanks sooo much.. what did that cost u.. u do it or have done. did you do the rest around the chain as well? what does that sort of run...and thanks again
Did you end up getting the car? If so, how's everything going? I'm considering by the exact same car, and will be using it to drive cross country for fun.