Q: Thermostat on 2003 Saturn L300

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My thermostat needs replacing. Sadly, I'm not able to get the repair at this time. Can I still drive my car?
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No overheating which I attribute to cold weather. I had it diagnosed yesterday. the code was PO128. I appreciate your reply.
This code means the engine is not reaching normal operating temperature. Running too cold. The "Service Engine Soon" light comes on and sets this code because it will affect the emissions system negatively due to the colder than normal engine temps. You may also be noticing reduced heater action. You can drive the vehicle until you can afford the repair, however I would recommend taking care of it sooner rather than later. Left as is, you may notice poor fuel economy and heater output. Other issues can also result, such as catalytic converter damage
and engine oil sludging.
I was afraid other problems could result snowballing into major repair. Taking it in on Tuesday. My biggest concern is I need to get a smog certificate for upcoming registration and had been told if "check engine"
light was on I wouldn't be able to get the certificate as it wouldn't pass. Being single and having car problems isn't welcomed...but its information I need to know! Thank you so much!!!!
In that case, the state forced you to your 'sooner' decision. You're welcome! Check out my website for other car care tips and/or better yet, look up my shop on Facebook and hit the "Like" button. Please.
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