Q: thermostat on 1992 Honda Accord

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Trying to get my hands on detailed instructions on how to replace my thermostat. I've got the general idea but not trying to mess up my car. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanx
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I have to do the same job on my car this weekend. Drain the cooling system either by removing the drain on the bottom of the radiator or removing the bottom radiator hose. remove the radiator hose going to the thermostat housing. remove the two 10mm bolts that attach the thermostat housing to the engine. remove the thermostat and rubber O-Ring. Your new T/Stat should have a "jiggle pin" that faces upwards during installation, (this jiggle pin helps bleed air trapped in the system to get out). Assemble in reverse area, fill system with half fresh antifreeze half water (preferably distilled water), turn the heater to full hot, run engine for a minute switch off, check coolant level, top up as required. run engine again watching temperature gauge and wait until cooling fan engages. Check for leaks. Allow cooling system to cool down fully, top up expansion and radiator. Drive car watch temperature gauge allow to cool down again and check coolant level in radiator and expansion tank one more time.