Q: there is spark, and i put fuel into the throttle body and still no atart on 1994 Toyota Celica

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voltage at the black and orange wire at igniter,but no power at the red wire on distrbutor, should there be 12 volts at the distributor? if so is the voltage sent by the igniter? trying to figure out how the system works but i dont have the diagnostic tree to do this... help...ken
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Spark at the plug wire? If good strong spark going to plugs and you add fuel it should fire up, IF
compression is good. If it is not how about the timing belt??
yes good spark, and i just checked injector pulse and its ok too. i will take a look at the timing belt.aand get back to you but the only thing is at the distributor plug connector i dont see voltage on the red,when do i check voltage when key is on or in crank position.
If you have "good" spark at the plugs then forget about any other part of the ignition system!!
It is working. All you need to get any engine running is proper spark, fresh fuel, "on time" compression and a clear exhaust path!
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