Q: There is intermittent brake failure, pedal going all the way to the floor on 2006 Volkswagen Touareg TDI

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The pedal goes to the floor when pumping the brakes, as if one were bleeding the brakes to remove air. At this time the car does not want to stop. Other times it is hard and goes to the floor with almost failure to stop. Very intermittent, brakes check out ok, could be replaced in another 5,000 miles, fluid level full, no leaks apparent. No codes. VERY SCARY and irreproducible, Random!
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Thanks, two mechanics have driven it, and neither could reproduce the problem. However it has happened to me several times, and almost caused 3 or 4 accidents. When the brakes start to fail like that on a hill and you are pressing the pedal with all your might, it is a good thing to remember that there is an eBrake right to the left of your pedal.
From the beginning, this car had been full of electrical faults and failures, mostly irreproduceable. VW paid OVER $9,000 OUT of warranty to fix it and nothing was fixed. On any given day it will throw anywhere from 2 to five faults and at least as many things, I.e., windows, doorlocks, sensors, headlamps, do not work. The car has always been a nightmare. I Love that engine, but everything possible that can go wrong electrically has gone wrong, and is never fixable. Sad... "Former Spouse Of Master Tech"
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