Q: there is an elbow pipe coming out of the head going to the tension puller on top on 2001 Buick LeSabre

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just bought a new radiator becouse i found a leak in it and it has been trying to run i noticed the elbow pipe has a leak, how do i go about replacing it...
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NAPA # 660-1942 is the parts you need, these are the new metal upgrade 90° fittings. The originals were plastic. Not a big job, just be sure to remove the neg. battery cable before any work, as the alt. will need to be removed and it has a 'hot' wire going to it. Search youtube for a video for this repair, if none found, reply for further help. Let us know how you make out.
There is a video on youtube that you need to watch before attempting this repair, Google, replace heater hose fittings, it will come up! This video will cover just about all of the details you need, even if the make/year is different as it covers your 3.8 engine. If you are not equiped to do the work, get some hands on help.
Good luck with it!