Q: there is a thumping sound coming from the front driver side on 2004 Nissan Murano

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when you drive the car you hear a thumping sound coming from the front. what is that?
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With noises I always recommend that you confirm you don't have something obvious in one of your tires that maybe the culprit of said noise. If after you've did your walk around and noise still persist I would highly recommend you to take your vehicle to a qualified service station and most importantly take a road test w/ someone to confirm the noise that is your concern then allow them adequate time to investigate the root cause of noise. Could be axle, shifted belt within tire, engine/transmission mount &/or bracket, steering, suspension, etc... The possibilities are endless but having it taken care of prior to complete failure is a very wise/proactive way of staying clear of major damage. Good luck and best of wishes.
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