Q: There is a clicking sound on 1998 Ford Mustang

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when I turn car on there is a clicking sound coming from air filter area. When it's clicking it won't start. If I sit there while car on for a couple minutes the clicking stops. Its getting worse and longer. Now it dies while driving, and clicks for awhile. And I have to sit and wait for it to stop again. I thought it could be fuel pump but everyone says it's under the car. In my Oldsmobile it was under the hood.
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Fuel pump is in the fuel tank in the 3,8L Mustang. Would have to hear the noise to guess what it is. Several solenoids will click and the fuel injectors make a clicking sound when fuel is being injected into the engine. Could it be the air conditioning compressor clutch you hear?
Ok now I'm thinking it might be a module. The noise is coming from right under air filter, which is a pain to put back in. The theft light blinks when driving and idont know if that could help or not. The clicking isn't a normal sound I've heard before. It's my boyfriends car but I'm driving it and he doesn't know what it is either.