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Q: theft light flashing on 1999 Ford Taurus

theft light flashing for almost 3 weeks and today battery died. little compartment beside battery vibrating as well.what is going on? simple fix?
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Usually vehicles that have a flashing anti-theft light on do not start. I am going on the assumption that you have Pats system, where the keys have a chip in the plastic part of the key. The Pats system lets you put the key in and turn it, the chip is recognized and the vehicle is allowed to start. When the chip is not recognized the anti-theft light flashes and the motor may not crank over or the it will crank but not start. It will take some diagnostic know how to go through the steps to find your problem. Without more information and certain tests and their results it will be difficult to tell you if it is major or not. At this point I suspect you have tried to jump start it or charged the battery and tried it, did it start? If it did, did the battery die again? if you charge the battery, then leave it disconnected from the vehicle, will it stay charged,(hooking it back up a few hours later , it cranks or starts). Knowing this will tell us if the battery is bad or the vehicle is causing it to go dead. Are the battery terminals dirty? There are some thick wires coming off of the negative battery cable, are they corroded? Is there signs of the wiring insulation swelling from corrosion?These answers will help us help you.
Put the ignition in start/ stop position and leave for at least 30sec and then it should start.................
To: YOU MORON!!!!-I have been blogging and attempting to solve this problem on my '96 Sable for three months. I tried your method and, "viola" it worked! Thanks for giving me back my car.
Have a great day!
Just fixed a car with the same issue. Battery was bad. Good enough to start, but not good enough to maintain the lights, AC and power windows. The Altenator was fading which is the real problem, but the immediate fix was to put a new battery in, not to mention A LOT of corrosion on the cables.
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