Q: The video on Chrysler Mastertech on 2000 Chrysler Concorde

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On the above video link, at 2:08 minutes. it tells about a dual pop-it thermostat. The one I removed had no bottom spring and retainer shuttoff on the bottom. Could that bottom retainer/bottom shut off plate have fallen off and is now in the engine? The origional thermostat is marked 180 degrees, The dealer could not help me with this question.
I purchased a new thermostat at a parts store before removing the old one, it was a regular thermostat with a temp of 190 degrees.. Do I have to purchase the origional OEM thermostat or can I use the one bought at the parts store, the origional factory thermostat has a bottom spring and a shutoff plate @ 180 degrees, any input would be great, Thank you... :-)
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