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Q: The van is actually a 2001 t&c ltd. it will not start or turn over. on 2000 Chrysler Town & Country

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We have a 2001 t&c ltd 3.8L van. My van was running fine but he check engine light was on. It had 5 codes. PO455-evap sys large leak; P1491- radiator fan relay; pO 403- exhaust gas recirc control circuit open; PO401- exhaust gas recirc; PO442- evap emissions control small leak. The muffler had a hole in it too. We have noticed that the top part of the filler neck is rusted through and believe replacing that will fix the evap small and large leaks. We replace the muffler, the radiator fan relay and the EGR valve. Now the van will not start. When we turn the key the radio and lights come on and there is a clicking coming from the relay in the fuse box. We can't hear the fuel pump, the starter doesn't do anything. We tried replacing the relays and that didn't work. With the key in the on position we ran a hot lead to the starter and it turned the motor over but it wouldn't start. We ran a meter to the starter and with the key in the start position there was no power to the starter. Another thing to point out is when replacing the EGR valve one of the prongs broke off in the connector and we cut the connector off so that we could get the broken prong out which we were able to do. But in cutting it we found 4 wires (2 yellow with red stripe, 1 red and 1 blue)going to the engine compartment and 2 ( a red and a blue) going to the connector. We are not sure if the 2 extra yellow wires with a red stripe go to anything or if they were originally one continuous wire. We have reconnected them to see if it was an interrupted circuit we cut in error but it didn't make a difference. I think this is everything and we don't know what to look at next? I know a lot of things mention the PCM needing to be replaced but it is expensive and may not work. Do you have any suggestions?
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