Q: the truck sounds like engine is laboring when I accelerate like the engines cold on 2003 Dodge Dakota

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happens when I accelerate
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There is so many problems with a 4.7L it would be just guessing. Better have someone familiar with them to check it for you.
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Thats not very much information to go on. As stated, it could be many things. Can you provide any more details?
When I first start the truck in the morning it sounds loud until it warms up a bit (about a block of driving)been this way since day one. Now when I'm driving and speed up it sounds loud like its laboring but the engine is warm
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Sounds like you may have rod or main bearing issues. Piston slap would also come to mind, but that can usually go on indefinitely with proper maintenance. If I am correct, which is pure speculation, you are looking at an engine replacement. Does the oil light ever flicker? Is the check engine light on, and has is flashed? If a motor is needed be cautious with a used. Even a used motor will be pricey, and given the issues with that particular engine you could wind up n the same position down the road. How is the overall condition of the vehicle otherwise? Does it drive smooth and shift well? Has the transmission been routinely maintained? If so, it is well worth repairing. If you would like, you can give me a call tomorrow and I will offer any help that I can.
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