Q: the timing belt on a 1996 dodge neon. is the water pump driving by it on 1996 Dodge Neon

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i am trying to install a water pump. and would like to know if the water pump is drivin by the timing belt
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yes.If your not familiar with this motor , a FACTORY service manual (notice the word FACTORY), would be a good start. Also be prepared to say foul words. Crank pulley is pressed on ,a special puller is needed.need to jack the motor way up to get front mount bracket out. T-55 (if I remember correctly) torx to get front mount (under plug in fender well) bolt out.DOUBLE CHECK all timing marks , one tooth off can run, but stall when warm & other goofy symptoms.good luck.Also make sure the crank pulley is re-installed correctly , otherwise you may start losing p/s belt due to pulley mis-alignment (just saw that recently on a friends car...they were told by three places they needed a belt tensioner , but the crank pulley was walking-off)
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