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Q: The temp gauge shows hot, no heat in car, engine doesn't feel hot. no fluid loss on 1996 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

we changed the thermostat...burped the radiator...seemed to help a little..could it be a coolant sensor, or maybe need to replace hoses...plugged heater seems to run okay...once in while a miss on cylinder 2 according to our coder...rough a bit then but always seem to work out of this...when the temp gauge goes up, no heat, then it will suddenly go back down and then there is sufficient heat in the car.....Hope you can advise
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Need to post engine code so we can advise on misfire. Either bad spark plugs, wires, or ignition coil. You may have burped radiator but maybe still some air in system. Check level in reservoir and top off if needed. Was thermostat verified as the proper replacement and flow? If not, it would cause this sluggish reaction. Do you have any leaks? Possible prob. is the water pump itself is starting to fail.
I didn't realize there was 2 bleeder valves, I located them and there was a lot of bubbles coming out of both of them....It seems fine now...temp gauge does not waver hardly at all..I am hoping this did the trick. There is no discoloration in the coolant or oil and the car seems to run fairly well for a '96, and the Motor would not feel hot touching it with bare hand when that temp gauge would elevate extremely high, I figured a temp this high things under the hood would be smoking hot, but not the case. The Water Pump went out and we had it changed a couple of months ago, there was a lot of growling in the steering after this fix, it finally worked out...maybe when the water pump went(while I was driving 60 mph pulled over just as soon as the temp gauge started elevate then had it towed) some air got in at that time and no white smoke as I checked often after this started...Thanks so much for you time...I really appreciate this.
try flushing cooling system ,can by flush install kit ,install yourself ,to make this task easier and more efficient .
Well it's bad news for our '96 Olds....we spotted where the leak is.....oh it had to be the back head......we put some Blue Devil head sealer in it and hope it will run a bit longer...plan on R&R engine as it's only $400 more than to have someone do a Head Gasket Replacement....Thanks for all your comments.
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