Q: the sunroof is leaking. can a local shop replace the seal on 2003 Lincoln LS

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rain is getting into the car through the door seals, which were clogged with gunk. cleaned them out and found that the additional leak may be coming from the sunroof, as too much water cannot run off inside the sunroof, and the front portion of the sunroof seal appears to be where the leak is. also, you can push down on the sunroof and it moves when pushed up and down on it. we took the side cover off inside the windown and found the water ran into this area instead of draining away inside the sunroof. the drain inside the sunroof is open and working, but so small, the abundance of rain cannot run off fast enough and instead runs inside the car along the headliner and down the front peice, next to the window and then onto the carpet. this problem really just started a few weeks ago and i live in florida and it is "now" the rainy season. cost to replace the seal?
(2) Answers
Drain tubes on the four corners of the sunroof pan above the headliner can become detached which will allow water and debris to drain down the pillar post and puddle in your floorboards. If you drop the headliner, you may be able to reconnect the drain tubes. I had to reconnect the two forward tubes on my 2003 LS to cure a sunroof leak issue.