Q: the steering wheel is locked and the key wont turn to start its stuck in off on 1996 Ford Bronco

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first i was having problems getting the key in but the car was turning over by just spinning the ignition then as i moved the car out of the street to the drive way the steering wheel locked and now i cant get it to unlock but i can get the key in i was going to start taking of the steering wheel to see if i can remove the locking plate but will that work
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Get the key in the lock cylinder like it should be.....wiggle the steering wheel back and forth while trying to turn key..... removing the lock plate is not a good idea if you cant turn the key anyway!!! ...If you cant get the key to turn, the lock cylinder with keys must be replaced!! See a mechanic....
Now, if you do get the key to turn,, leave it in the on position so the lock can easily be changed,, see youtube video! You'll see what i mean!!! Key must be in place!
yes that didnt work i had already taken out the cylinder but im just wondering if i should find out if the actuator is bad before i put the cylinder in
im sorry i never got a response on the actuator i do believe its jammed i took the cylinder out because the key was absolutely not turning so is there a way to check or free up the actuator and if not do i just get a new cylinder and thats the end of this