Q: the small water hoses that have plastic ends on them, how do you disconnect them on 2002 Oldsmobile Silhouette

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they look like they should snap on and off, but I am not sure how to unlock the fitting
(1) Answer
Quick connect hoses and lines found on many cooling, fuel, A/C and transmission lines usually require a special tool that slides into the connector to spread open the clips or expand the garter springs that hold them in place. These can be purchased at many auto parts stores or automotive tool suppliers. Keep in mind that these are quick connects that click easily into place when new, sometimes they will fight you when trying to remove them when they have been in service for many years as rust or dirt can cause the clips or springs to bind. I like to blow compressed air into the area where the tool will slide in, to remove any dirt or debris, I also use penetrating spray to help free things up and help the tool slide in easier.