Q: The sliding doors will not unlock! on 2002 Chrysler Town & Country

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I haven't been able to open either sliding door in forever. I tried taking out and replacing the fuse. I tried the trick in the manual for supposedly getting them to unlock. You can't manually lift the locking mechanism from inside the doors either. Can't open those doors and neither window will go up or down. It can't get real uncomfortable quick considering I need to fix the AC as well now. Anyone have any ideas?
(2) Answers
You probably have the same problem that I have. The actuator is frozen in the locked position. You have to remove it from inside in order to fix it. On the passenger side you have to drill a hole to get access to the screw that attaches the actuator to the lock. Once you remove the actuator the door will open again. Do not buy the Dorman actuator it has a history of problems. My lasted 2 years and then just suddenly locked up.
Have the fuses tested! People have no way to do this anymore!!! I see it ALL the time! Then have it SCAN TESTED if a mechanic, not just some auto parts store with a code reader....