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Q: The service adviser told me my suspension was shot. It needed $2000 worth of on 2005 Lincoln LS

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work to repair "worn upper control arms," "worn lower control arm bushings, "rear lower control arms have play" etc. He also said the ball joints could not be replaced on the Lincoln LS. He must be pulling my leg?? What is a "worn control arm"? Do they wear out?

I took it to another shop and they did an alignment to repair a tire wear issue, and told me the suspension was tight.
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In a lot of cases the control arm has to be replaced, because the ball joint is not serviced alone. That be mentioned it sounds like your alignment shop would be the good second opinion. Trust me if something was obviously worn, the alignment shop would have mentioned it, because the alignment would not have held with worn or loose parts.
Thanks for the information. I was not aware that the control arm ball joint could not be serviced alone. The alignment cost $69.95 with a six-month warranty.

The amount of the dealer's "our valued customer" "fitness & treatment plan" which was recommended was $2551.22, which is more than 36 times what the front-end shop charged me. I will not even go into the details of what amount they wanted to charge for a set of tires; that amount was questionable also.
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The unsuspecting customer will think the dealer is the only one who knows my car better then anyone else. In this case whatever the dealer says has to be true, is how they get away with it, and most of the time the customer would be happy it was found and repaired, so they can be safe. The alignment shop you went to would have told you about any issue you might have had, because they don't make any money on alignments, the money is in the repairs. No Worries, you did good and Happy motoring.
Thank you very much for your feedback. I was incredulous when the service writer breathlessly told me that my entire suspension was suddenly "worn." I feared the worst, imagining that the car was unsafe to drive. I phoned the shop back the next day and asked to talk with the mechanic who diagnosed the repair. My inquiry was never returned. All the tires were indeed worn beyond an acceptable level, and the right front tire was beginning to show that the alignment need adjustment. After one shop told me that there was no problems with the bushings or control arms, and another told me that I needed to put new tires on the vehicle before an alignment could be done, I finally decided to get a set of tires and have the vehicle aligned. It handles like a champ now.

I resent the fact that a shop I had continually done business with for years without any credibility issues now apparently regarded me as an idiot who could be scammed easily. Moreover, I spent days researching and double-checking the issue to ensure the actual condition of the suspension was properly diagnosed by competent mechanics.
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Sorry you had to go through that. Sometimes I get single minded because I just don't work that way and forget about what other shops do. Maybe that's why I'm always broke and other shops are buying new equipment. Lol. Thanks for responding and stay safe.
The alignment guy wouldn't align it if all those things needed replace ,if it drives fine now down road ,your all sets....
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