Q: the right rear brake lights will not operate. on 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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the shop said to replace the circuit board. replaced the c. board and bulbs. still not working plus the turn signal switch was replaced. then after a month the brake lights quit working. now when the right turn signal is flipped the front right blinker blinks at a very fast pulse. where do I start next? 1. short 2. f
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The problem is the ground circuit to the right rear light assembly. Fix the ground and you have fixed the problem!
sounds good thanx for the push in the right direction. out of all the repair sites I forgot bout repair pal . this mistake I wont do again. once again thank you. borgman
Sure thing! I don't have the schematic here but later one of the tecs that does can tell you exactly which wire is the ground so you know where to go! Then you can simply ground that wire with a jumper and the lights should start working. Don't know your skill level, you may or may not need some hands-on help from that car savvy buddy!
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