Q: The remote will not operate the door locks on 2008 Buick Lucerne

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The two remotes do not unlock or lock the doors or trunk. I have had one remote changed by GM still the same. The doors will unlock and sometimes lock by using the key on the drivers door. GM want to replace all the actuators on the 4 doors and the two remotes for $1000.00. The doors always lock and unlock when you put the car in gear.I don't think the Buick dealer knows what the problem is and just wants to change everything. Any suggestions?
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You can try and bring you key fobs to an autoparts store here oreilly's has a display stand to test and see if the fob is working. Do any of the bottoms work on the fob. In the past I have seen the battery holder/connections inside the remote come loose and just need to be soldered and I have seen the green board dirty where the bottom hit the board and just needing to be cleaned. Have you tried new batteries?
thanks for the reply, I don't think it is the remotes because when you try and lock or unlock the doors using the key on the drivers door sometimes they lock or unlock and sometime not. However whenever you put the car in gear the locks lock right away. To me it seems like a bad connection somewhere.
I had this exact same problem with the driver side door handle on the 2008 Buick Lucerne. Took it back to dearlership and they did not repair for free. I had to pay for it.
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