Q: The radio turns on and displays the function but there is no sound. on 2006 Lexus RX400h

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Everything else seems to work fine.Its just like the mute is on.Also when you push the agree button to activate the GPS the ding noise does not sound now
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Sounds like some kind of setting on the radio may be activated - perhaps something to do with like a Bluetooth function if equipped? Hard to say. Visiting a dealership service drive to see a service advisor may not be a bad idea, as most of the time, the advisor needs to go through your issue with you even before writing up a repair order. This way, they can give you some direction as to if there is a setting that needs adjusted, or if it's just an internal radio issue.
i am having the same problem. sometimes the speakers work and sometimes they do not work. there is a clicking/popping noise right when i turn on the car if the speakers are not going to work.

i took the car to the dealer yesterday, and they claim i need a new amplifier (=$1400), but i am not convinced since the speakers still work some of the times when i turn the car on. i think it might be some lose wires?

did you figure it out?
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