Q: the heater stays on after u turn the truck off can it be multifunction switch on 1998 Ford F-150

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I am having trouble with things cutting in and out the wipers, windows, inside lights and now the heater is staying on after I turn the truck off. I was told it was the ignition lock cylinder by some people I went to get one and was told the ignition lock cylinder would not cause it that it would be the multifunction switch witch one is the most likely problem
(3) Answers
Possible ignition SWITCH (not lock cyl.) problem. But the inside light thing dont jive with that, so check out answer1.
Any problems with the way it runs?
A short to power concern. the multi-function switch will not affect the heater or blower motor in any way,nor the windows. The one problem that I have seen ALOT of is a faulty windshield seal on the driver's side causing water to leak down the a-pillar and down into the central junction (fuse) box under the driver's side of the dash,causing various short to power concerns.I usually remove the 2 connectors on the rear of it,you'll have to get a 10mm shallow socket and 1/4 ratchet to remove these connectors,then get a mirror and look into the area where they plug into and you'll probably see water or corrosion.
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