Q: the gear shift is stuck in park I was told it was a switch. Where is this switch on 1993 Lincoln Town Car

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I was told there is a brake switch that is stoping the gear shift from moving. Where is this switch located?
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The switch is activated by the brake pedal. It may be integrated with the brake light switch or not (in other words, there may be one or 2 switches that push against the brake pedal arm) If it's only one, then just swap it out (after checking to make sure that it is getting power through it) if there are two, make sure to get the right one (the one for the computer, not the one for the brake lights) check it, swap it, good to go.

Where that switch is located: open the drivers door, lay down on the floor with your head by the pedals, looking upwards. Follow the brake pedal arm, and up under the dash you will see 1 or 2 switches that are basically small push button looking switches that touch that arm... as the arm moves, the switch is triggered.
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