Q: The Fuse For The Hazard Lights Is Blowing on 1998 Chrysler Town & Country

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Taking your advice I went out and double checked the fuses. Sure enough the fuse for the hazard lights was bad. I put in another but noticed a spark and the light came on for a split second then the fuse blew again. I went inside the car to see that I had left the hazard switch in the on position. I turned it off took a small piece of sand paper, cleand the corrosion and then replaced the fuse again. This time when I started the car and flipped on the turn signal it popped on but only for a couple of clicks and then quit. The fuse was blown again! I am going to check the bulbs but let me know if you have any other suggestions. Thanks so much!! R

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Remove all of the bulbs associated with the Hazard flashers and reinstall them one at a time until the fuse blows.If the fuse blow without the bulbs installed, you know you have a wiring issue. Check all bulb sockets, contacts on the lamp assemblies for breaks, deformation from overheating and corrosion. Also, inspect the wiring to the lamp assemblies as I do not know if the vehicle was ever had collision repair.

Hi Johnny, I went out last night, took out all of the bulbs as you stated and went through the process. There were sockets that I cleaned and I did check all of the by one! Right now the flashers work and so do the hazards plus I have learned something new! Thanks for taking the time to help with this. Now I will go back to your other response on the cruise. The light for cruise comes on but it doesn't set. Thanks again!!! R
PROBLEM..... We took the car out tonight and the turn signals worked fine going to town and running a few errands. Just when I remarked how nice it was to have them and not to have to worry..bam...they quit working!!! Grrrrr. We had changed out one of the connector units on the front so I am going to double check the wiring on that to be sure they are all secure. Beyond that I am at a loss. Any more ideas?? Thanks again..Rennae
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