Q: the exact angle of the firing on 2001 Nissan Quest

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the distributor shaft bearing seized and I bought a new distributor. I turn the crankshaft until No 1cylinder comes top dead center and I inserted the distributor with the rotor point to No 1 cylinder but I couldn't find the position to start the car
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I assume you mean that you set the engine to #1 timing mark on the crank and inserted the distributor with the rotor pointing at the #1 plug wire and it won't start. It's possible that the distributor is 180 degrees out of position. The engine fires a particular cylinder once for every two revolutions of the crank, being a 4-stroke engine. That means that the timing mark is correct for #1 on one revolution and #4 on the next, being that #1 and #4 are "opposite" cylinders, that is, they are 180 degrees apart on the distributor cap (180 degrees apart in the "ignition cycle"). The distributor turns once for every two crankshaft revolutions. Try turning the distributor 180 degrees from where it is or pull it out and turn the crankshaft one revolution and put the distributor back in on #1 firing. This may get the engine running if it's truly 180 degrees out of time, but you'll need a timing light to set the timing correctly so I hope you have one.
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